Going back on the graft pledge

It is unfortunate that an amendment that extends for another three years the right of media groups not to provide paperwork for 2 percent of their income was tabled in Parliament on Thursday. It should be noted that this amount will only be taxed at a rate of 10 percent. Worse still, this decision by the conservative administration comes at a time when the Greek state is supposed to be fighting tax dodging while also looking for revenues to reduce the deficit. Instead, the move effectively legalizes the circulation of black money by media organizations while also cutting down on state revenues. It’s sad to see a government that was elected on a firm pledge to purge the country of corruption and entangled interests now backpedal under pressure from large interest groups. Media companies are indeed under unprecedented strain. If the government truly wanted to help the struggling sector, it should find other ways instead of encouraging lack of transparency and boosting shady ties.