May 2, 1959

COSTAS VARNALIS: Moscow, 1 – The Greek author and poet Costas Varnalis has been awarded one of this year’s Lenin Peace Prizes. The others went to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, the American professor William Du Bois and the British publisher Ivor Montagu. COLD WAR: Moscow, 1 – Russia celebrated May Day, a national holiday, today with a four-hour military parade. General Rodian Y. Malinovski said in a speech that any imperialist attempts to reverse the flow of history would be futile and that there was no force in the world capable of overthrowing the Socialist camp. American military leaders, he said, had spoken yesterday of using force against the Soviet Union, but he warned them that the Russian armed forces would deal a deadly blow against anyone who even tried to obstruct its peaceful work. Moscow radio spoke about very large anti-aircraft weaponry and missiles capable of striking any target on Earth or in space. Those watching the parade, however, say they only saw models of Sputniks and space rockets, and none of the weapons the Soviets have threatened to use.