May 4, 1959

COLD WAR: Moscow, 1 – As Russia celebrated May Day with a military parade, in West Berlin about half a million people demonstrated in favor of retaining their freedom while just 1 kilometer away in the eastern sector of the city there was a communist rally. Barbed wire had been erected along the border between the two sectors and police guards had been positioned to prevent incidents. SIXTH FLEET: According to an announcement released by the United States Information Service, 23 ships of the US Sixth Fleet are due to arrive as of May 15 in the ports of Faliron, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Kavala and Souda. The aircraft carrier Intrepid and the heavy cruiser USS Des Moines are to sail into Faliron Bay. TSIRIMOKOS-NENNI: The leader of the Democratic Union Party, Ilias Tsirimokos, returned from Rome yesterday where he had led a delegation of parliamentary deputies accompanied by a group of journalists who had been invited to Rome by the Italian newspaper Paese Sera. During his stay in Italy, Tsirimokos had a number of meetings with politicians including the leader of Italy’s Socialist Party, Pietro Nenni.