Time to focus on the economy

The global economy is going through an unprecedented crisis that will have brought about radical changes in the status quo by the time it is over. In most countries around the world, the public discourse has focused on ways to weather the storm and on how local economies and societies can adapt to the new set of circumstances brought about by such upheaval. Even eminent economists have said that most countries have found themselves in the midst of this financial storm without a map or a compass to help them find their way out. Greece, in contrast, has elected to focus on fruitless party squabbling, on pointless speculation over whether the country is heading for national elections and on scandalmongering, as though the economic crisis is of no concern whatsoever to this country. The truth, however, is that Greece is also a party to this global crisis and we must wake up to this fact unless we want to sink under the weight of the public debt, of mismanagement of funds and of the massive public deficit. To face these challenges, the main parties need to come to some consensus and rally everyone in a joint effort to counter the storm.