Settling debts the right way

The settling of outstanding debts with IKA, the country’s main social security fund, as well as other funds, which is currently planned by the conservative government, should by no means be open to enterprises that have systematically broken the law by refusing to make the requisite contributions. On the other hand, businesses that have taken the trouble to abide by this country’s legislation and have gone to great lengths to make the requisite contributions, as stipulated by the law, cannot be constantly wronged while habitual transgressors benefit from the fact that others have acted more conscientiously. The government must not allow the lingering economic slowdown to be used as an excuse to disguise unlawful practices. One day, sooner or later, this country must arrive at the point where it rewards those citizens who fulfill their obligations to the state and their fellow citizens instead of those who dodge their contributions, with their eye on some future settlement or political intervention.