June 10-11, 1952

CONCLUSIONS: Ankara, 9 (From our correspondent L.G. Koromilas) – The warm welcome given to the Greek king and queen in Istanbul, and their triumphal journey to Ankara, as well as the lavish compliments and speeches showered upon them by Turkish officials not only highlighted the truly close cooperation between the two countries, but something more: It brought a final conclusion to a five-century-old history of fighting and hatred. Although the late Eleftherios Venizelos had put an end to the hostility by ushering in a new period of Greek-Turkish friendship, the feeling had not yet been generally adopted by the people. ANASTASIOS ORLANDOS: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) «The unspeakable (Education Minister) Mr Michail wants to destroy everything under his ministry. Yesterday, the newspapers wrote that, according to a decree just issued, Athens University Professor Anastasios Orlandos will no longer be the director of the Education Ministry’s Department of Antiquities and Historical Monuments. Of course, he was the one person in the right job at the ministry. God knows who the minister has in mind to replace that distinguished expert. Perhaps one of the «unlettered» people that surround him. TACHTSIS: New book: «Little Poems» by Costas Tachtsis, Athens, 1952.