May 12, 1959

COLD WAR: London, 9 – On the eve of the foreign ministers’ summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Moscow radio today broadcast aggressive statements by Russian Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev that he had made to German journalists last Tuesday. He had stated to the reporters that eight hydrogen bombs would be enough to put West Germany out of action and that no more than that would do for the rest of Western Europe. At the same time, Russian Field Marshal Ivan Koniev wrote in an article that the time during which the United States was not capable of sustaining an attack is now over. According to press reports in Washington, an American general has told a US congressional committee that Russian army supplies were not only equal to but five times more than those of the US Army. GREECE-TURKEY: Ankara, 9 – Talks between Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis and his Turkish counterpart Adnan Menderes ended here in the Turkish capital today, with both sides claiming that a new era in bilateral relations had begun as a result of the talks, as well as with the treaties signed in Zurich and London. Both governments said they hoped that deeds would follow words. Karamanlis told the press that he was «very satisfied.»