June 12, 1952

PLASTIRAS’S DEPARTURE: Absolute secrecy and misleading press releases surround the departure of Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras, who boarded an Air France flight for Paris yesterday afternoon. It is clear that these extreme measures were taken to prevent the press from going en masse to the airport and taking «indiscreet» photographs of the prime minister, making all aware of the true state of his health. (…) Deputy Prime Minister Sophocles Venizelos managed to convince Plastiras to abandon his original idea of setting up an official tripartite committee consisting of himself, Mr Kartalis and Mr Rendis, in order to coordinate the goverment’s work in Plastiras’s absence. (…) Nevertheless, Plastiras insisted and Venizelos agreed that if any issues arose pertaining to the joint policies of both parties regarding the government’s work, they would be resolved by Messrs Kartalis and Rendis together. EXCAVATION OF ANTIQUITIES: The Education Ministry’s antiquities department has announced that work has begun at Delphi to excavate about 65 artifacts including friezes and statues, which, for security reasons, were buried in pits at the beginning of the war. These artifacts will be placed in the refurbished museum in Delphi. AEK: The AEK soccer team beat Lille 6-2.