Future on sidelines beckons

The world around us is changing at a dizzying pace, yet somehow we Greeks have decided to continue living in our own small microcosm. US President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo was just one more indicator of the important changes that are occurring on an international level. The global economic crisis has compelled developed nations to pause and think seriously about their future course, while climate change has also had a profound influence on the development models being adopted by the western world. In Greece, however, the political dialogue, especially these days, has become restricted to the most banal cliches, while the financial crisis, in the meantime, has been seen by a small group of people as an opportunity for handouts and promises. Such a narrow-minded approach cannot help the country progress nor does it provide any solutions to its most pressing problems. If our politicians cannot or will not initiate constructive dialogue, then maybe the citizens ought to force them to. Otherwise, we will wake up one morning to see that Greece sits on the sidelines in the global arena, a country that talks about one thing and does another.