June 5, 1959

ILISSOS CLEANUP: The Public Works Ministry received a committee yesterday bearing a proposal to clean up the bed of what remains of the Ilissos River from the old abattoirs to Faliron. A member of the committee suggested deepening the riverbed to allow the seawater to reach up as far as the old abattoirs. However, there is no question of this, due to technical and other reasons. The minister anyway rejected it out of hand, saying: «That’s all we need, to bring the seaside into town so people can swim!» But why not? Given the money that is being spent to make Athens worthy of is heritage, turning the Ilissos River into a sea channel would be worth it. FILOTHEI LAKE: Another suggestion has also been raised to construct an artificial lake, just a few hundred meters wide, in the northern Athens suburb of Filothei, by a wooded hill. The lake could be used, as in other European cities, for rowing, swimming and, in short, as a lovely recreation area. However, it seems that many people in our country regard water as a great luxury. KARAMANLIS AND MALRAUX: Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis yesterday received France’s Minister for Cultural Affairs Andre Malraux for a discussion on bilateral relations.