June 6, 1959

STRAWBERRIES: Once upon a time, strawberries were a luxury, and rightly so. This small red fruit could be detected from afar on account of its delicate but persistent and extremely enticing aroma. Recently, the original variety was replaced by the «improved» variety which is on a par with the old in flavor. However, this is what has been happening to most fruit over the past few years. It appears that science is attempting to «improve» everything. DIPLOMATIC MESSAGE: Permanent Deputy Foreign Minister Periklis Skeferis summoned the Bulgarian charge d’affaires in Athens to the Foreign Ministry yesterday and handed him a note verbale from the Greek government. The note is Athens’s reply to a statement on May 20 by Bulgaria, in which Sofia attempts to lay responsibility on Greece for Bulgaria’s failure to pay war reparations as stipulated in the peace treaties. The communique from Greece sets out the history of Bulgaria’s bad faith over the past 12 years and emphasizes Greece’s repeated displays of good faith regarding this issue. The note verbale also replies to Sofia’s claims of Greece’s hostility toward Bulgaria.