Acting on the voters’ message

The European parliamentary elections are now history and Greek voters have sent their own clear message to the country’s political parties. Political leaders are now faced with the task of deciphering the voters’ message and making the necessary decisions about the future. The fact that almost half of eligible voters chose to cast their ballot is one of the messages that must be taken into account. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that they have to take immediate action and not merely reduce themselves to vacuous publicity stunts. The campaigns of the two mainstream political parties, the right-wing New Democracy and socialist PASOK, saw a great deal of backpedaling. However, the country cannot afford to continue forward in the same political climate of reversal. Party leaders must read the message loud and clear and finally ditch public relations stunts for the sake of genuine politics. It is certain that there is no safer way to pull the country out of the current mess it’s in.