Public order has to be a priority

The ruling conservative New Democracy government has repeatedly pledged in the past to harden its stance on the lawlessness that has been increasingly growing out of control in certain areas of the center of the Greek capital. However, the administration has woefully failed to live up to its promises. The prime example of this is the case of the abandoned and run-down building of the former Athens appeals court on Socratous Street, where hundreds of illegal immigrants have been squatting for the past six months. The government’s continued foot-dragging, especially when it comes after pompous pledges of a policy of zero tolerance for any kind of behavior that flaunts or breaks the law, only adds to the public’s already heightened frustration. It goes without saying that making lofty promises is not enough. The Ministry of Public Order and the Greek Police force must finally bite the bullet and show the courage and determination that the situation warrants.