Opposition needs to set clear policy

The main opposition party PASOK may have won the weekend’s European parliamentary elections, but its slim margin of victory has made it abundantly clear that the party has not succeeded in earning the votes of the majority of Greeks. The reason for the Socialists’ failure is clear. Until now, the opposition party has been fueled by little more than public disappointment in the government and, while this is a way to gain some support, it is not any way to earn the lasting trust of voters. Now that PASOK has received a boost from the European parliamentary polls, it needs to realize that it is time it spoke in simple, clear language about what it intends to do in crucial sectors, such as the economy, public order, illegal immigration and education. If the party does not present a clear political platform, the trust shown by Greeks will end there. So far, PASOK’s rhetoric has been vague and generalized but voters know that the country is at a crucial crossroads and it has much greater expectations of the leading opposition party.