Economy too crucial for idle talk

Yesterday’s announcements by PASOK representative Nikos Sifounakis, in which the main opposition party called on the government not to go ahead with the sale of a further tranche of its shares in OTE telecom to Deutsche Telekom and also suggested that it would renationalize the utility if it returned to power, has been met with a great deal of surprise, especially from those in the business world. The opposition party needs to consider three separate parameters before making such announcements. The first is that the market and the economy must be allowed to continue to run as smoothly as possible and cannot risk any upsets in such times, especially when they are based on nothing more than the outcome of Sunday’s European elections. The second issue at hand is that privatization is a move reserved for ailing companies that require state subsidies. The third, and most important, is that such a populist approach to serious matters concerning the health of the country’s economy is unbefitting from a major political party that is eyeing the seat of power.