A sober political reaction

The departure of former government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos from the political scene yesterday was a sober political reaction. Perhaps it will serve as an example to other members of ruling New Democracy, who are embroiled in a variety of scandals yet insist on clinging to their posts, dragging the party down with them. During his tenure, Roussopoulos proved to be of great service to Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis as well as the party and his absence became abundantly clear, both in terms of the essential functioning of the party and in terms of its image as a government. It must, of course, be said that Roussopoulos made mistakes and, in some cases, even abused his authority; but the price he is paying may be disproportionate to such errors in judgement. In any case, his departure so soon after ND’s defeat in the European Parliamentary polls and at a time that is especially trying for Karamanlis shows that Roussopoulos is ultimately interested in the good of his party and its leader. It is a shame that some of his other colleagues have not displayed similar interest.