June 13, 1959

ILISSOS RIVER CONSERVATION: A committee that has been formed in order to protect the Attic landscape has sent the government a lengthy resolution regarding various land use issues and the aesthetic appearance of the city of Athens. They say the Ilissos River should not be covered over to construct an avenue for transport or tourism, as there are important ruins on its banks that have not yet been excavated. They also say that the exploitation of the archaeological sites in Athens, Delphi and Olympia contravened the spirit, nature, monuments and the history of these sites. The resolution was signed by the members of the Athens Academy, the director of the National Gallery, professors at the Athens Polytechnic, the director of excavations at the Agora and the directors of the American, Italian and German archaeological schools. MITSOTAKIS OUSTER: The longstanding crisis among the Liberal Party and resistance on the part of a faction of the group against the irregular appointment by the party’s parliamentary group of Sophocles Venizelos as party leader, came to a head yesterday at a meeting of the party’s legislative group. The latest wrangle was provoked by the replacement of the deputy for Hania, Constantine Mitsotakis, by order of Venizelos.