June 16, 1959

‘HONEST JOHN’ MISSILES: The first guided missile launchers known as «Honest Johns» are to be delivered to the Greek army by the end of October. Meanwhile, the training of Greek officers in their use is continuing. Next year, two more of the same launchers will be delivered as well as guided missiles. According to reports, the Greek army will also take delivery of Corporal missiles, which can hit targets that cannot be struck from the air because of weather conditions or anti-aircraft defenses. These missiles have a greater range than the Honest Johns. STRATIS ANDREADIS: The public prosecutor’s office has issued its ruling with regard to the granting of credit by the Commercial Bank to the chairman of the bank’s board of directors, Stratis Andreadis. It found that no crime had been committed and the case has been filed away. After examining the testimony of witnesses and the bank’s records, the prosecutor’s office found that Andreadis had been granted 13 million drachmas not as a loan that would have to be repaid, but in exchange for foreign currency to buy the Ionian and Popular Bank’s business, in accordance with a special law.