Message falls on deaf ears

The Greek electorate sent its message loud and clear in the European Parliament elections on June 7, but it looks like the country’s two biggest parties have failed to hear it. Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis was given a final opportunity to reshuffle his Cabinet, to take bold decisions to reduce the public deficit, to do something about the current lack of public order on Greek streets, out-of-control illegal immigration and a crumbling education sector. There is no more room for calls to action and verbal self-criticism. It is time to take action and achieve concrete results without the slightest hesitation. As far as opposition party PASOK is concerned, it is high time that it understood that it has failed at its task, because it has been unable to present any clear alternative policies offering concrete solutions to the pressing problems. The two parties should certainly not underestimate the electorate, as at least the people know how serious the problems plaguing the country really are.