June 22, 1959

WEST BERLIN PROBLEM: Washington – Following the collapse of the Geneva summit and the further deterioration in East-West relations, it appears that a top-level meeting is now impossible, particularly following today’s statements on television by US Secretary of State Christian Herter. He said that the Western allies would never give in to the Russians regarding the freedoms of the brave people of West Berlin. INTERVENTIONARY POLICY: This year’s wheat prices were officially announced yesterday. From the total crop of 1.8 million tons, 1 million tons will be subtracted for the farmers to use to make their own bread and for seeds for next year. Wheat prices are set at 3.34 to 4.48 drachmas per oka (1.2 kilos). The price of white bread is to be raised by 20 lepta per oka and whole meal by 15 lepta. AIR CRASH VICTIM: A Royal Hellenic Air Force single-seat ARF 84.5 aircraft made an emergency landing due to engine failure at noon yesterday in an open field in the district of Asyrmato, Brahami, eastern Athens, killing a local resident, 45-year-old Maria Magdalene Tsakiridou. The pilot was unhurt.