Brilliant setting for Marbles

Please refer to the article by New York Times architecture critic, Nicholas Ouroussoff, who on October 28, 2007, eloquently and convincingly presented the case for the return of the [Parthenon] Marbles to Greece and the New Acropolis Museum. After his private tour of the museum, he boarded a plane and went directly to the British Museum to the Elgin Marbles in the Duveen Gallery and immediately felt a «twinge of pain. The marbles were stunning, but they looked homesick.» I repeated his journey myself last summer at a sneak preview of the New Acropolis Museum. A few days later, upon entering the British Museum, I viewed the Elgin Marbles spread between two opposite ends in an internal space that could not compare with the brilliant setting at the New Acropolis Museum with the Acropolis and Parthenon in full view. CONSTANTINE L. TSOMIDES Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, USA