June 24, 1959

ALGERIA: Algiers – Algerian nationalists made their most daring attack against the French since the beginning of the war in the North African country. A relatively small armed group managed to fight their way to within a mile of the port of Bona on the Mediterranean coast, just 260 miles from Algiers. Although the French deployed thousands of soldiers, backed by armored vehicles and aircraft, eventually prevailing over the 108-strong Algerian force, the attack proved that the revolutionaries are not only undefeated but are in a position to make impressive attacks against the French military forces. BRITISH BOOKS: British books are to be sent abroad in ever increasing numbers in order to confront communism and ignorance of the British way of life, Dr Charles Hill, the minister responsible for coordinating British information services, told the House of Commons. EMERGENCY LANDING: A Royal Hellenic Air Force single-seat aircraft made an emergency landing due to engine failure at noon yesterday in the district of Asyrmato, Brahami, eastern Athens, killing a local resident, 45-year-old Maria Magdalene Tsakiridou. The pilot was unhurt.