A crime of which many are guilty

Illegal construction is a crime of which many are guilty in this country. While there is a plethora of laws designed to curb this illicit activity, none of this legislation is actually enforced. The state bodies that have been set up to responsibly address this problem remain generally indifferent. Overall, the viewpoint that prevails is one that only perpetuates new generations of illegal construction. Everyone knows that sooner or later some government will need the votes of these illegal property owners and then their buildings will be legalized. The only way that this attitude will change is with the strict enforcement of existing laws. But there is also a need for a raft of new, bold measures to tackle the problem. The establishment of a new, independent body to oversee the construction process and actually raze illegal buildings was one proposal suggested yesterday. The scourge of illegal construction must be stamped out. It is crippling the country and seriously harming the tourism industry on which we so greatly rely.