June 26, 1959

NATO: During yesterday’s dinner in the capital’s northern suburb of Kifissia given by Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff in honor of NATO Secretary-General Paul-Henri Spaak, and during the latter’s talks with Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, several issues were discussed with regard to sectors excluding that of the military, according to sources. The Greek officials informed Secretary-General Spaak that in order to promote harmonious relations between member states in the Atlantic alliance in military matters, NATO should seek closer and more effective cooperation in the economic sector for the purpose of strengthening all member states’ military capabilities. This is also provided for in the alliance’s charter. According to the same sources, Spaak accepted the Greek views in principle, as indicated in a speech he gave to the Archaeological Society, where he said that the eventual goal is for the Atlantic alliance to evolve into an Atlantic community. CRASH VICTIM: A Royal Hellenic Air Force single-seat ARF 84.5 aircraft made an emergency landing yesterday in the district of Asyrmato, Brahami, eastern Athens, killing a local resident, 45-year-old Maria Magdalene Tsakiridou. The pilot was unhurt.