Swifter justice for all

The unjustifiable delays that plague the administration of justice in major cases in Greece have reached a ludicrous extreme and are at the point of undermining the entire system. In the United States, former financier Bernard Madoff, accused of a 50-billion-dollar fraud, was arrested in December right after the accusations became known and before six months passed, he had gone on trial and been sentenced. Sadly, here in Greece, cases take years to reach a courthouse, the protagonists are placed under arrest with considerable delay and only after they have exhausted every possible opportunity to cover their tracks and hide as much evidence as they can. The public at large, seeing important witnesses or criminals being given such leeway to evade justice, are angry, and justifiably so. It is high time that judges, legal advisers and politicians sat down at the same table, examined judicial systems in other countries and agreed on changes that will help our system become swifter and more efficient.