July 2, 1959

NATO HEADQUARTERS: Paris, 1 – The NATO council of permanent representatives today postponed a decision regarding requests made by Italy and Belgium for a ministers’ summit before the Geneva conference resumed on July 13. After the meeting, the representatives of Britain, the USA and France claimed that the unity of the West had already been achieved in Geneva and declared their opinion that a further conference at summit level would only be a show of weakness. Those opposing a new summit also said that the members of the alliance were in absolute agreement that the Geneva talks had gone well. Those in favor of a meeting stressed that the three powers’ ministers could present a unified front in Geneva with the support of NATO. Nevertheless the view of the three major powers prevailed. GREECE-BULGARIA: Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff yesterday received the Bulgarian deputy foreign minister for a discussion of the Bulgarian war reparations owed to Greece. The Bulgarian minister was told that it was Bulgaria’s duty to make reparations but that it had shown no willingness to settle the issue.