Parties must look again at funding

The remarks made yesterday by Theodoros Tsoukatos, an aide to former Prime Minister Costas Simitis, regarding the manner in which PASOK officials kept records of campaign contributions to the Socialist party warrant careful examination. Tsoukatos’s comments indicate the lack of any transparency as well as the extremely hypocritical manner in which the country’s mainstream parties handle their financial affairs. Keeping double books, failing to declare donations and what is euphemistically known as «creative accounting» all appear to have become standard practice among the parties. Should they face allegations of wrongdoing, party officials resort to outright denial or try to conceal evidence. If PASOK really wants to sever its dubious ties with business interests it must shed ample light on its funding by the German energy and engineering giant Siemens and other businesses. Otherwise, it will simply confirm accusations that it continues to cover up such unlawful practices.