Shameful union practices

It is indeed an extremely shameful practice on the part of trade unionists to seize control of office buildings and prevent staff from exercising their lawful right to work, as a means of enforcing strike action. Such action undertaken yesterday by union bosses at the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) not only constituted an outright violation of the country’s labor laws, but was in fact an insult to the personnel employed by the organization, whom they are supposed to be representing. The union bosses had to resort to imposing their desire for a universal strike by force, since they were obviously incapable of convincing the union members of the need for one. Actions such as those that took place yesterday are not only harmful to the organization itself, but are also prejudicial to the company’s staff members. Moreover, they are damaging to the concept of people’s right to work or to strike whenever they themselves see fit to do so.