Focus on reforms, not elections

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the government of Costas Karamanlis initiating talks on a variety of issues that are key to the country’s future, such as social security reform, labor relations and, more recently, the system of party funding. These are all positive developments but they will end up meaning very little if the process does not progress from pure dialogue to action very soon – a problem that has too often in the past led to no progress at all. The government right now is in a position to move ahead with bold reforms in crucial sectors without having to worry every step of the way over the political cost. In any case, what we – politicians and citizens alike – should be discussing is what needs to change in this country and how this can be achieved, rather than wasting our time in idle speculation as to whether or not the government will call early elections. Either way, any election will not bring an end to the endemic problems that plague the political system and society.