July 7, 1959

PRESIDENT EISENHOWER: Washington – During today’s press conference, American President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke with moderation and calm with regard to international issues. He avoided any direct reply to a statement by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to diplomat William Averell Harriman that «if you want war, you will have it.» He did mention, however, the terrible repercussions should the Geneva talks break down, although he said the United States of America was ready to deal with any eventuality. He reiterated the USA’s implacable decision to remain in West Berlin but rejected the idea of a meeting with Khrushchev for political talks, as this would create a climate of suspicion among America’s allies. He appeared willing, however, to discuss an unofficial visit by the Soviet leader to the USA. In referring to other issues on the international front, he said that US bomber planes had already left French territory as well as the fact that he had planned a meeting with French President Charles de Gaulle. GLEZOS TRIAL: The trial began yesterday of Manolis Glezos and other Communist Party of Greece members charged with espionage.