July 8, 1959

US DIPLOMATS MEET KHRUSHCHEV: Moscow – Seven US state governors who were received yesterday by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev today provided a summary of his statements to them. They did not conceal their views on the manner in which the Kremlin leader manages the art of negotiation, saying that he replied to their questions with some irony. At one point, when one of them told him sternly that it would facilitate peace talks if the Communist Party did not try to impose its system on other countries, Khrushchev replied: «Don’t get upset. That only weakens your arguments. Have a glass of water.» When he was told that the United States wanted to protect the capitalist system, but had no intention of trying to impose it on others, Khrushchev responded: «If you were president of the USA, we would easily be able to understand one other. I therefore vote that you be elected the next president.» PRESIDENT EISENHOWER: Washington – During today’s press conference, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke with moderation and calm with regard to international issues.