July 9, 1959

VOROSHILOV TO PAVLOS: The Soviet Embassy in Athens has sent the text of a letter from the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, Field Marshal Kliment Voroshilov, to the Athens media containing an appeal to King Pavlos in favor of Manolis Glezos, who is currently on trial for espionage. The letter also refers to the many entreaties from various organizations, scientists and intellectuals as well as ordinary citizens of the Soviet Union and elsewhere «appealing for the life and freedom» of Glezos. «Public opinion in the Soviet Union has shown a deep concern for the fate of the progressive citizen and national hero of Greece, Emmanouil Glezos, whose life and freedom is threatened. His name is well known to the people of the Soviet Union, who share bonds with the people of Greece in the blood shed during the fight against the Fascists. Glezos’s struggle for the freedom and independence of his country and his achievements are well known to all the peoples of the Soviet Union,» Voroshilov wrote. He said he believed it his duty to bring Soviet public opinion to the attention of King Pavlos and once again appealed for the freedom of Glezos.