No stone must be left unturned

The Greek police force deserves praise for the fact that it decided to reveal all the extracts of the recorded telephone conversations between the suspected players in the kidnapping of shipping magnate Pericles Panagopoulos in January this year. It was especially forthright of them, given the pressure they have come under in recent months, to include with these the snippets of conversations that made oblique reference to government officials and other high-ranking figures of public life. Any further investigation into this unsettling affair should leave no stone unturned, however important the people who become involved in the matter. Now, the police are returning to the tapes in the hope of finding further leads regarding where the kidnappers were keeping the elderly businessman, as well as to see whether they can find any traces of the money that was paid in ransom for his release. Probing every angle and every detail is the only way to make sure that all the right culprits are found, but it is also the path to take so that there is no suspicion by the public that anyone is being protected or that anything is being covered up.