July 11, 1959

GLEZOS TRIAL: Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis yesterday responded to the interest shown by other countries in the espionage trial of Manolis Glezos and the other accused with the following: «It is surprising that a case of espionage against the security of a country, one that has been ascertained by the relevant authorities and which is being tried in accordance with the laws of the state, has mobilized the international communist movement. Naturally, international communism is unaware of the principles of democracy. It is time that they understood that, while they might ignore those principles in their own region, they are obliged to respect them outside their jurisdiction. In Greece, as in every democracy, justice is independent of politics. Any interference in the judicial system, such as that attempted over the past few days by supporters of international communism and its fellow travelers, is unacceptable. What all communists, both inside and outside Greece, should know, is that the government is determined to protect the country’s peace and security using all legal means against the threat posed to it by communism.»