Unionists behaving badly

The recent labor action announced by air-traffic controllers, who have threatened and continue to threaten to go on strike even though such a move has been deemed illegal and abusive, is moreover completely inane, especially when it comes at the height of Greece’s tourist season. The reasons given by the air-traffic controllers serve little more than narrow trade union interests and ignore the blow that any such action will have on the country in the midst of a financial crisis. There are thousands of people across the country and in many different sectors who are depending on the smooth operation of airports and the arrival of those tourists who will hopefully make up for some of the ground they have lost in the crisis in tourism in general. The union heads need to realize that judicial decisions must be followed not just to the letter, but also with respect to the spirit of the law, to the reasoning behind it. Go-slow action or strikes only serve to further flummox weary travelers. They do nothing to forward a union’s demands in the long run and also show a blatant disregard for the law.