Join hands to eradicate corruption

Corruption in this country has taken on epidemic proportions. Whenever news of a scandal or the activities of a criminal gang make the headlines, reports are usually followed by serious corruption allegations implicating politicians, party cadres, police officers, prison guards, tax officials and so on. Anyone who believes that graft and corruption in Greece are phenomena that are exclusive to a single political party are clearly detached from reality. Similarly, anyone who believes that this scourge can be cured by the actions of one party alone, must be either naive or arrogant. Corruption is deeply rooted across multiple segments of Greek society. Purging the country’s political and economic system of corruption should be treated as a principal national goal for the next decade. Such a campaign of course would require a significant degree of cooperation and coordination among all of the country’s political leaders across the left-right spectrum. The alternative: Corruption will take an increasingly heavy toll on all aspects of society, including economic growth, crime levels and social values.