July 13, 1959

TESTIFYING FOR GLEZOS: The trial of Manolis Glezos and his accomplices, who have been charged with espionage, entered its sixth day yesterday with testimony from witnesses for the defense, chiefly parliamentary deputies from the United Democratic Left, the Democratic Union and the Liberals. Despite the fact that interest has waned due to a lack of revealing testimony or evidence with direct relevance for the specific case, the courtroom was as packed as on the first day. Witnesses for Glezos, Stratis Someritis and the journalist Giorgios Drosos were questioned. The former said he did not believe the defendant was capable of committing espionage. The latter added that it would be illogical for Glezos, due to his position, to do anything illegal. In Drosos’s opinion, Glezos is a «serious and honest» person. Glezos’s lawyer then submitted a letter from the poet Costas Varnalis, who extolled Glezos’s act of taking down the swastika from the Acropolis when he was just 17 years old, saying that such a person could not be a spy. «Traitors do not emerge from the ranks of willing heroes,» he wrote.