Missing pieces of the puzzle

The Greek police scored a much needed victory – and, by extension, so too did the government – when it tracked down and apprehended the gang responsible, among other crimes, for kidnapping ferry tycoon Pericles Panagopoulos. From the evidence made public so far, bringing this gang down was possible mainly thanks to the surveillance and tapping of mobile phones, to a handful of confessions given by those who were apprehended and to a small piece of evidence that came to light through DNA analysis. Of course the judicial authorities who are now in charge of the case may know a lot more about the methods employed by the police which they are not making public. Despite the evidence that we have heard about so far, however, we are still drawing a blank in two important areas: the location of the hideout where the kidnappers were holding Panagopoulos and the fate of the money paid in ransom for his release. The puzzle of this crime is missing two very important pieces and that means it is impossible to see the entire picture.