Migration a common problem

The problem of immigration is not specific to Greece; it is a challenge for Europe at large. Our country may be in the frontline of this burgeoning problem, but our European Union peers should not let down their guard. In any case, the end destination of the majority of illegal migrants that set their foot in this country is the wealthier, Western countries – not Greece. Taking the above into consideration, one can only welcome the recent initiative taken by Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to establish a Mediterranean front aimed at curbing the influx of illegal migrants. Joint problems require joint solutions. The same goes for Western countries which so far appear to have relied on the fact that a large number of clandestine immigrants end up staying in Greece because they lack the means to continue their journey. These governments must realize that the problem is on their doorstep too. The shores of Greece, Italy and Spain are only a doorway leading into their homes.