July 16, 1959

ALEXIS SOLOMOS: The National Theater premiere of Euripides’ satirical drama «The Cyclops» and Aristophanes’ comedy «The Frogs» are to be performed this evening at the Herod Atticus Theater, directed by Alexis Solomos. Both plays, which were highly acclaimed at the Ancient Theater in Epidaurus, will play until July 28. MANOS KATRAKIS: Peformances of Lope de Vega’s «Fuente Ovejuna» by Manos Katrakis’s Laiko Theater are continuing at the Pedio tou Areos Theater. ANTIQUITIES: Ancient works of sculpture and a stone inscription have been found in a vineyard owned by Giorgos Kyritsis near a private school at Ano Limni Zofra, between Ano Liosia, Kamatero and Acharnes. The sculptures are clearly from the nearby Temple of Heracles (the Heracleion), a site that was well known and respected by the ancient inhabitants of Attica. The antiquities have been handed over to the head of the Ephorate of Attica Antiquities, Evthmyios Mastrokostas, who has begun to study them. Among the 14 antiquities, now being stored in the Athens Archaeological Museum, is a headless marble statue, probably that of Heracles.