July 17, 1959

COLD WAR: Szczecin, Poland – Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev arrived here today accompanied by Polish communist leaders. In a speech before a large crowd, the Soviet PM said Russia would defend Poland with arms in the event that Western Germany tried to invade the Oder and Neisse river borders and seize control of territories it lost after the Second World War. Khrushchev also said that «hostile circles» were interested in installing missile bases in Scandinavian countries. Obviously Khrushchev was referring to the USA. MAKARIOS-GRIVAS: Delegates from Cyprus’s interim government and cadres of the party founded by Archbishop Makarios arrived in Athens today in order to intensify efforts to bridge the rift between the archbishop and General Georgios Grivas. Meanwhile General Grivas has shown no sign of changing his stance. HEAT WAVE: Greece is in the grip of a heat wave that brought temperatures to 36C (97F) yesterday in Athens. The fountains in Omonia Square brought some relief to city-dwellers. But a large number of Athenians headed for the southern coastal beaches. Later in the day, a breeze picked up and cooled the city for a while.