Waste issue is tricky but solvable

The residents of Grammatiko in northeastern Attica have our sympathy, because none of us living in the troubled Attica basin would accept to receive other people’s trash in our own backyard. No one would willingly accept to suffer pollution, damage to natural beauty and the devaluation of their private property. However, there is a law; and there is a Supreme Court decision, notwithstanding the trouble it took to reach it. Above all, there is a need for the public to dispose of its trash, somewhere. We have reached a deadlock – and responsibility for this situation lies with the governments of PASOK (in the past) and, now, New Democracy. It is they who are responsible for finding a solution that combines respect for the natural environment and ensures that people’s quality of life will not be damaged. It’s not like they have to reinvent the wheel. All they have to do is take a look at other big European cities that have long been dealing with these and similar problems.