PASOK is taking a gamble

Recent remarks by Christos Papoutsis, a member of the main opposition PASOK party, concerning the upcoming vote for the next president of the republic, in which he suggested that national interests stand above the Greek Constitution, have left a poor impression. That is an odd argument to make, and some politicians are clearly mistaking the nation’s good for the partisan one. Rather than continually pressing for early general elections – a demand that is obviously being made without much consideration – George Papandreou’s Socialists should instead take the time to explain to Greece’s voters what measures they would introduce in order to draw the country out of the current turbulent situation in which it finds itself. Triggering snap elections would confer a great deal of responsibility on the party that forces the country to go to the polls and then finds itself in power. This is even more the case when the main contender for power has failed to convince the public that it has reliable policies and a plan to govern the country.