June 15, 1952

DISTOMO MASSACRE: Today the annual memorial service was held in the village of Distomo, northern Greece, for the village’s wartime residents who were slaughtered by the Germans, a massacre that was unprecedented in its barbarity. (Ed. note: On the same day as the Distomo massacre, June 10, 1944, the German occupying forces slaughtered the residents of the village of Oradour sur Glane in France.) The Germans may have been the perpetrators of this terrible crime, but it was the agents of Moscow who instigated it, because in an attempt to wipe out the men of Distomo, who belonged to the rival Psarros brigade, they attacked a German unit in an ambush outside Distomo so as to provoke the occupying forces into attacking them. And they succeeded. (…) KATHIMERINI MOVES HOUSE: As the old Kathimerini building at 57 Socratous Street is due to be demolished, and until a new building is constructed on the same site (which will house all the newspaper’s departments, including the printing works), the newspaper will move temporarily to the second floor of 4 Zinonos Street, just around the corner and almost next door to the old offices. The newspaper’s telephone numbers remain unchanged. APOYEVMATINI: A new daily newspaper, with the name of Apoyevmatini, is to go into circulation in Athens shortly.