IKA’s failure to collect is a sore point

There are plenty of indications telling us just how dire the situation is with the country’s social security funds, and especially IKA, which is the biggest fund of its kind in Greece, and which had to borrow money in order to be able to pay out pensions. While we know that the social security system is in trouble and that reform measures are being discussed to remedy the situation as much as possible, we can only wonder why successive IKA managements have avoided doing their duty in failing to claim significant amounts owed to them by companies with powerful connections. The fact that this situation continues today, namely an ailing social security fund not obliging certain employers to settle their debts, is obviously only possible because certain politicians are covering it up. However, at a time when citizens are being asked to make sacrifices or to accept difficult reforms, when most citizens are law-abiding and understand that they need to make the necessary social security contributions in order to prevent the system completely breaking down, it is an outrage that the country’s biggest insurer continues to adopt such practices.