July 28, 1959

EXILES: The undersecretariat for security has announced that «the hardcore communist nucleus of the United Democratic Left [EDA] has undertaken a propaganda campaign in its newspaper and through others with similar beliefs with the aim of criticizing the conditional leave being given to communists exiled on the island of Aghios Efstratios and presenting this move as a «terrible Inquisition, creating a country full of exiles that is worse than a prison.» The truth is quite the opposite. Firstly, the exiles are dedicated and fanatical communist cadres that are a threat to the country’s security and are working for the illegal Communist Party of Greece. Secondly, the state has granted the leave to a large number of these exiles, who have returned to their homes. Many of these are now law-abiding and many have had their sentences lifted as they have severed all ties with communism. Thirdly, the state took this measure in order to enable the exiles to return to their families and to work, but has prevented them or their families from resuming any connection with the illegal Communist Party. The exiles enjoy all other freedoms. These people are required to present themselves before security officials at regular intervals. In 1950, there were 2,815 exiles on Aghios Efstratios. Now there are only 378.