July 30, 1959

ILIAS TSIRIMOKOS: The leader of the Democratic Union party, Ilias Tsirimokos, returned yesterday from Cyprus, where he had visited Archbishop Makarios for a briefing on the situation in Cyprus. Makarios told him that he was aware of the present and future difficulties but was also optimistic. In statements to the Cypriot press, Tsirimokos referred to his party’s disagreement with the Zurich and London treaties and stressed the need for firm unity among the Greek Cypriots, so that the implementation of those agreements would be less painful. GRIVAS: Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis has commented on statements by former Cypriot resistance leader General Georgios Grivas, aka Digenis, by underlining that if, five months after the signing of the Cyprus agreements, Grivas distanced himself from them, then Karamanlis and his government would assume full responsibility for them in the conviction that they serve the national interest and have brought about a successful end to Grivas’s armed struggle. He said Grivas’s reaction threatened the unity and peace of the Cypriot people. Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff said that Grivas was wrong in saying that he had not been fully briefed on the content of the agreements.