Clean up roadside rubbish

Why are some of the country’s highways and roads in such a filthy state? Why is there such a blatant difference in the way that main road arteries managed by the state look in comparison to other highways that are managed by private firms? Everything points to this contrast existing because the Public Works and Environment Ministry, which is the state authority responsible for the upkeep of these roads and highways in most cases, is not doing its job properly. It is all very well for the ministry to concentrate on major public works, but perhaps it should also turn its attention to its other responsibilities. All the traffic islands, embankments and flower beds alongside main roads are miniature garbage dumps, presenting a lamentable image for a country that claims to want to attract tourists. Perhaps the time has come to assign the job of cleaning the country’s main roads to local municipalities or to private companies. What is certain is that the current situation cannot be allowed to continue as it is under any