Adrift in dangerous waters

All of the international bodies which have conducted recent surveys and studies on the present state of Greece have stressed weaknesses in three major sectors: education, social security and the economy. Here, however, our politicians seem more interested in discussing scenarios about the election of a new president or speculating as to whether we will go to early national elections or not. The New Democracy government seems to have become paralyzed under the threat of the possibility of early polls and appears unable to proceed with the reforms that are becoming all the more imperative as time goes by. It has chosen, instead, to limit itself to quick-fix solutions that simply take the heat off it, albeit briefly. PASOK, in turn, is simply waiting for the government to lose its grip rather than speak openly and honestly about what it plans to do in order to solve the country’s most crucial problems should it come into power. What we are seeing, as a result, is a country adrift without a compass at a time when all the international organizations are warning us that if reform measures are not applied soon, we may see the collapse of our national social security system.