Taxpayers sick of footing bill

The government’s one-off tax charge, based on the level of personal income declared, has incensed a great portion of the Greek public. Everyone, of course, understands that we need to contribute as much as we can to help boost public coffers in these times of crisis. Some are even prepared to forget the mistakes that have happened in the past; mistakes that have greatly contributed to the current state of affairs. No one, however, should have to pay more backdated taxes because the government is incapable of curbing the waste of funds and corruption in the public sector, when it facilitates certain businesses or individuals with strong political ties settling their debts to the state, or even when they themselves openly dodge paying their taxes as well as when the government itself allows the illegal trade of petrol. Maybe the government is not prepared to risk any political capital on cracking down on tax evasion but it will have to shoulder the burden of outrage by those who regularly contribute to tax and social security payments and are now being summoned, yet again, to pay the bill for someone else.